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Childbirth Education Class

Nurture Me Birth Services offers a childbirth education class for all pregnant mothers and couples wishing to prepare for childbirth. The information provided in this course is beneficial whether you plan to birth at home, a birth center, or any of the local hospitals. At Nurture Me, we strive to present unbiased information so you feel adequately informed when making decisions about your labor and birth. We are the only Lamaze certified childbirth educators in the Permian Basin and have an interactive curriculum that will make your class memorable and enjoyable! While the Lamaze Healthy Birth Practices are the foundation of our class, we use information from The Bradley Method and Husband-Coached Childbirth, as well as Birthing From Within. All of our classes will be held in a comfortable and intimate setting with a maximum of eight couples per session. The small class size allows for questions, open discussion, and hands-on learning experiences. Childbirth education classes are a great place to build friendships with couples in the same season of life who share similar desires for their birth experience!

What is covered in our birth class...

Optimizing the Prenatal Period

  • Prenatal exercises to prepare for labor

  • Prenatal nutrition

Understanding Labor and Birth

  • Female anatomy

  • Physiology of labor and birth

  • Recognizing and understanding the stages of labor

  • Importance of recognizing normal labor patterns and progression

Evidence-Based Birth

  • Presentation of research-based best medical and nursing practices for labor and birth

  • Overview of important information from major physician and nursing organizations

Common Medical Procedures and Interventions

  • Including electronic fetal monitoring, labor induction, pain medications and epidural anesthesia, assisted deliveries, and Cesarean section

Pain and Coping Techniques for Natural Childbirth

  • Hands-on learning and practice of pain relief interventions

  • Positioning in labor

  • Mental preparation, relaxation, and breathing instruction and practice

  • Confronting the fear of childbirth

Postpartum and Breastfeeding

  • Emotional and social adjustments with the newborn

  • Physical changes after birth

  • Optimal recovery after birth

  • Basic introduction to breastfeeding

For more information on class dates and to register, visit and complete our online registration form.

The Nurture Me Childbirth Education class will be taught by a Bachelor's degree prepared Registered Nurse who is also a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator and a Certified DONA International Birth Doula with 8 years of doula experience.

Our class is usually held on a Saturday from 8:00 am to 3:45 pm and our classes are now proudly hosted at Anthus Midland.

Cost is $175 and includes instruction for you and your partner and training materials.

We recommend taking a comprehensive breastfeeding class to supplement our material.

For any class questions please send us an email.

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