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What Our Clients Are Saying...

Elizabeth S.

Midland, TX

Best decision ever. Courtney helped me so much during labor (and before and after!) I can't imagine what it would have been like without her. My husband also loved the extra support!

Anna Katherine, P.

Midland, Texas

I wanted the birth of our second son to go so differently than the way my first labor and delivery went. Courtney was available to me before, during and after labor and was such a warm, kind presence. You can tell she LOVES what she does. Having Courtney to guide me and my husband through labor made my dream of a drug free birth a reality. I've never felt the emotions, support, and accomplishment that I felt during labor and birth with Courtney and my husband there. Worth every single penny to be able to experience the kind of birth you desire. Thank you Nurture Me Birth Services!

Natalie N.

Midland, TX

I can barely put into words how wonderful it was to have Jenny at the birth of our 5th baby! This was my 4th vbac and 1st time to delivery without an epidural. She was a constant support, an experienced person to talk to when decisions had to be made, full of ideas and ways to try to get comfortable and help things progress and most of all a voice of reassurance and prayer which is what I needed! I'm so grateful and would encourage anyone to have a doula for your birth!!!

Cheryl C.

Midland, TX

My husband and I felt we should have extra help with the birth of our first child and we got it! Courtney was fantastic, extremely educated about the birthing process and has a fun, energetic personality. I had a very long labor, 30+ hours total with 5 hours of pushing and Courtney was there the whole time. She provided support to me as well as to my husband which mad a huge difference for both of us. We both fully expected to be anxious about the process but with Courtney we were totally confident and ready to meet our little boy! I highly reccommend Nurture Me to every expecting parent. It is totally worth it!

Leslie K.

Odessa, TX

Having a doula is THE best decision I made in regards to my labor and delivery plan!!! Whenever I meet a pregnant lady, the first thing I ask is, "Do you have a doula?" Everyone needs a doula!!!! I was blessed to have Courtney as my doula and we had an amazing time!!! She was available to consult at any hour, gave me references to check out, gave me unbiased advice, suggestions, and most importantly, she encouraged me and believed in me. I am a first time mom, and Courtney helped me have the confidence to stick to my birth plan and have a natural, drug-free experience. She was on my side, no matter what I decided to do, and I couldn't have done it without her!!! My best advice to anyone pregnant is to 1) Get a doula and 2) educate yourself as much as possible.

Liz I.

Crane, TX

My husband and I both agree we couldn't have had such an amazing experience without Nurture Me... The birth class was SO awesome, enlightening, and encouraging that we have recommended it to EVERY expecting couple we know, even if it's their 2nd or 3rd baby! Having Courtney with us as an advocate (which we needed and she really stepped up to the plate, thank you!) was amazing, but her constant support throughout my labor (for both me and my husband) was a true God send. Doulas are grossly underestimated and should be at every birth! Because of the knowledge I gained from the class and the physical, mental, and emotional support Courtney gave during labor my delivery was much easier and better than I imagined!

Anna S.

Midland, Texas

I can't say enough about how awesome our experience with Jenny was. I was nervous about working with a doula but within minutes of her explaining how she would support not only me, but also my husband, throughout the pregnancy and delivery, I was convinced!

We met up several times before the delivery to not only plan for the birth we wanted, but to make decisions in case things didn't go exactly as planned. Jenny asked us questions that we hadn't even thought to consider and was a wealth of information and provided us evidenced based information to help us make decisions.

Jenny was quick to respond to even the silliest questions, and when I went into labor she was there to support us the entire way--even though baby didn't arrive until the middle of the night! She even went above and beyond and snapped some precious pics of our first moments with baby--I'll cherish those always.

After the delivery Jenny checked in with us several times and was available to answer all my breastfeeding questions. Just having someone to reaffirm that what I was experiencing was normal and to encourage me was incredibly helpful.

This was the best decision we made during our pregnancy and delivery-- well worth every penny (and more!).

Brett S.

Midland, TX

Would hire Nuture Me Birth Services a 1,000 times over! As new parents, having someone in our corner helping us the entire way took the stress out of what can be very stressful ordeal. My wife was in labor for 27 hours and our doula was there the entire time and has helped numerous times afterwards assisting us in the breastfeeding process. Thank you so much Jenny!

Jessie C.

Midland, Texas

I gave birth to my beautiful daughter on July 24th. I was scared to give birth, especially at a hospital naturally, and Courtney was beyond amazing. My husband and I wanted an intimate birth and she made that possible. She was encouraging, comforting, and gave my husband and confidence to support me. If you are looking for a doula or know somebody who is, you have to use Nurture Me Birth Services.

Michelle C.

Midland, Texas

Brooke E. assisted with my birth. When we decided she would be our doula, I thought she would just assist my birth. Brooke was there for my entire pregnancy! I had a very difficult one, with lots of unseen things and she was with me every single step of the way. I get teary thinking about my birth and how absolutely perfect it was. She was so supportive of the birth that me and my husband wanted. With or without drugs to assist. My first birth didn't go as planned so I really wanted a natural birth with my 2nd. Although I was scared since having such a rough pregnancy. I am happy to say that I delivered without pain meds and had the most beautiful alert baby boy. I know for a fact I couldn't have done it without her. Brooke, and nurture me birth services, You all are AMAZING!!! What a privilege to share my birth experience with you.

Lauren K.

Midland, Texas

I cannot say enough wonderful things about my doula Courtney Luoma with Nurture Me Birth Services! Thank you for helping me through my ALL NATURAL BIRTH. You're the best! I highly recommend her services. I arrived at the hospital fully dilated, less than an hour of pushing, walking around right after, home in 24 hours (state law or I would have been home right after) and I feel great ( not to mention we were blessed with such a little angel!)

Celeste U.

Midland, Texas

Jenny was amazing. I would not have made it through without her. I felt prepared and informed about natural birth. I knew going into labor that I had someone in my corner, which took a lot of the pressure off of my husband and myself. If we decide to have another baby we will be using Nurture Me Birth Services again. Thank you helping me experience my first natural birth.

Maija G.

Midland, Texas

The best memory of my birth with my doula [Brooke] was after our baby was born from an all natural VBAC (all 10 lbs 13oz of him). Shee looked at me and said "You are a warrior!" I truly believe Brooke is the reason my massive baby also happened to be the easiest labor, delivery, and recovery I've ever had. I also believe her help and influence is why we have been EBF for 9 strong months! Even now our sweet doula is still someone I call a friend. I'm thankful to have had her for our birth... I wish I had known her for my other births!

Paula G.

Midland, Texas

When I first decided to use a doula, I didn't know how helpful she would be. I couldn't be happier with the way my labor went. Courtney was a tremendous help to my husband and me. She made me feel relaxed, helped me through contractions, reassured us, and made us feel more confident about what I was going through. She was also great during pregnancy too. She provided me with information as well as emotional support when I ran into problems. Courtney did an amazing job, and I definitely plan on using these ladies again for any future pregnancies.

Kim H.

Odessa, Texas

I am soo thankful to have had Brooke as our Doula. I didn't fully realize just how incredibly awesome having a birth doula would be until experiencing having Brooke at the birth of our 2nd baby. She played a huge role in helping me to achieve as close to a completely natural birth as possible in a hospital setting. Our baby came very fast, exactly 4 hours after my water broke. She met us at the hospital late at night ready to assist. She was very attentive, caring, supportive, and knowledgeable all along the way. Our 4 year old daughter was able to witness the birth of her baby brother, while Brooke encouraged her to be a part of it all by showing her ways to support me during labor. It is absolutely amazing to experience for a 2nd time what a human body is really capable of. Thank you all at Nurture Me Birth Services for all that you have done for my husband and I as well as for our daughter and newborn son. I can't express enough how much I highly recommend every family having a Doula's support. Thank you!

Jacob P.

Midland, Texas

As a husband to a strong woman who wanted a natural birth I wanted to do all things possible to make this the best process and positive experience for my wife and myself. Courtney was the best investment we could have ever wished for and I would pay double their fee for the tremendous service and experience she gave us. She kept our home calm and my wife focused on progressing. She also kept me involved and guided us through the entire process. The end result was the most amazing birthing experience.

I wish I could rate them higher and I will gladly share our story with everyone I know and meet in Midland wanting to improve their birthing experience.

Thank You Courtney! 

Hugh G.

Midland, TX

We had a wonderful experience with the services these ladies provide. My wife and I were alone in Midland with the nearest family member about 800 miles away, so having someone knowledgeable and confident in the process of child birth was a big help for us. They walked us through everything, and were there when my wife went into labor which I'm very thankful for, because it helped us both stay calm and confident throughout the birth.

Molly R.

Odessa, Texas

Gosh, the best! Not only did Courtney educate me on the whole process of labor & delivery (and pregnancy, as a whole), but I truly would not have survived the process (medication free) without her.  Above and beyond any help you could imagine!

Jamie S.

Midland, Texas

I initially was nervous about giving birth and wanted an epidural and as much pain relief as possible. Once I became pregnant and began doing my research I knew I wanted to fully experience every minute of my birth naturally. I am so thankful for Brooke supporting me throughout my entire pregnancy. She was supportive, encouraging and brought so much knowledge and experience that helped to set the last bit of my fears. I was excited to hear that Courtney was involved with the birth class through MMH as well. She did a great job with the class and gave us a lot of information and tools to use for our birth. It's still scary going into labor for the first time, but I felt strong with her supporting me and my husband to bring our daughter into the world. Brooke always knew exactly what to say and knew what I needed throughout my entire labor! Her advice and coaching helped me to get rest, eased my pain and kept me focused on my goals. My husband was skeptical at first, but loved Brooke after our first meeting and was so happy to have her supporting him as well through the birth process. He has become a huge advocate for having a doula! I truly loved that through my entire pregnancy, Brooke made it clear she was there to help me have my perfect birth, whatever that may be. She never pushed her beliefs and always made sure she was helping me to make my own educated decisions throughout the process and would be supportive no matter what we decided. I could go on and on, but I will leave it by saying that we ended up having the most beautiful and perfect birth experience. Thank you so much Brooke and Nurture Me Birth Services for helping us bring our daughter into the world. Anyone would be lucky to have you by their side!

Regan P.

Odessa, TX

The best birth experience I could of asked for, and I can honestly say I would not have had it if it were not for Courtney and Jenny! Even from the start they impacted how my big day would go by helping my husband and me become informed, confident, and assertive parents. Courtney supported us in our decision making and had ample resources for us whenever we had any questions. The Nurture Me Birth Service's class was absolutely amazing. It not only helped my husband understand my crazy dream of a natural birth, but it also gave him skills to help me through it. When my son's birth day arrived, Jenny not only helped me cope with the pain at home, she made my husband and I laugh and enjoy the special time together. Throughout my labor these ladies encouraged me when I felt like I couldn't get through the pain and made me laugh at the absurdities a woman in labor goes through. I became to think of them not as doulas but as family. When remembering Aaden's birth, I do not remember the pain, but I remember a day full of laughter. These wonderful women were the best investment my husband and I made for my son's birth.

Krissy B.

Odessa, Texas

I was homeless, living in a shelter,  no income,  no family, with an EDD that came and went,  these lovely ladies were a godsend.  They took me on with barely any time to prepare for my vbac attempt that ended in cbac.  My experience would not have been as rewarding without Jenny there during my labor and in the OR. I was having a tough time coping with the spinal block and she was right there reassuring me the entire time and taking pictures of my princess's grand entrance into the world.  If it wasn't for her I would have more than likely been put to sleep,  no skin to skin in the OR and no pictures. Thank you Jenny and NURTURE ME birth services!

Amber V.

Midland, Texas

The Nurture Me Birth Services Natural Childbirth Education class helped me prepare for my birth by providing reassurance that a womens body, my body, is fully capable of birthing baby without medication or interventions and it is a beautiful, natural thing. The class gave me the knowledge I needed to be able to say no to interventions at the hospital and feel confident about the process my body was going through. 


I would recommend the Natural Childbirth Education class because it focuses on empowering and educating  women to birth the safest way possible for the woman and the baby, which is naturally. When a women is considering a natural childbirth there can be a lack of support  whether it is the doctor telling you your baby is too big to have naturally or your friend saying your crazy if you don’t get an epidural and this class helps cancel out those negatives with encouragement and positive support.

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